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Private counseling practice.

Choosing a Therapist


The relationship between you and your therapist is critical to your progress and ultimate success in therapy. In fact the quality of this working alliance between a therapist and client is a strong predictor of success. No one therapist is right for every one; it's important to find one that is right for you. To do this you need to find a therapist who is both competent and a good match for you. How can you tell and where do you start?


  • can challenge you and teach you things about yourself
  • you feel emotionally comfortable with
  • you can communicate with easily

You can tell by your own reactions if you are feeling comfortable with this person, especially when you are face to face. The therapist should be able to convey to you that they are on your side, and that they are interested in you as a person. You can begin to form your own opinion from the contact. Ask questions. If you are not sure what to ask, inquire about their training, experience, or methods of counseling. You can also share what you are looking for and ask how they would go about helping you with this. 


Any therapist needs to earn you trust and your respect by saying and doing things that make sense to you. If this one doesn't - keep looking.